Introduction: Ram/Pcboard Keychain

This is a key chain made of ram. In the thinkgeek catalog they had one for like 20 bucks. When you add shipping, its pretty steep for a keychain. And it doesn't even work. The one we are making can still work. Very cheap,easy and a perfect last minute gift.Kids are facinated by them.

Step 1: Get Materials

Here they are:
1 Drill (optional)
1 Old Piece Of RAM
1 Key Ring
1 1/8 in. Drill Bit Or Bigger (optional)

Step 2: Building

Find your RAM. If it has holes on the ends take key ring and put through the holes. You're done. If you want the optional part go to the next step.

Step 3: Optional

Find one of the black chips near the top of the ram. Drill a hole with drill bit and drill. I'm giving 1 to my dad and 1 to my mom.

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