Introduction: Rarely Known Technique to Deal With Cold Sores!

I woke up this morning, getting ready for work and prior to stepping into the shower I felt that tell tale pressure build sensation on my lip. Oh no! It's gotta be a cold sore. Checking in the mirror, dammit...yes a cold sore in its infancy. I knew exactly how to tackle this annoyance with the help of some Olive Oil (not Popeye's two timing girlfriend!).

Step 1: Getting the Tools Ready.

I used a tiny amount of olive oil in a spoon. I actually put too much into the spoon, far less is actually needed. I also used an applicator in the form of a butter knife.

Step 2: Heating.

Using a burner on the stove, I ignited and set it on the lowest heat. I put the oil carrying spoon over the flame for 30 seconds. It's important not to spill any oil else fire! If you have twitchy hands then please heat the oil spoon with a soldering iron or let someone else do it for you.

Sorry if I'm not sounding technical here with respect to final oil temperature. Perhaps next time I will use my thermal camera to measure the oil temperature. Imagine using the science and art of thermography to help stop cold sores! That WILL be a first of its kind application in the world

Step 3: Applying the Oil.

Applying the heated oil using the butter knife, I put a few touches of the not too hot oil onto the sore. The aim here is to have the oil as hot as tolerable but without causing a burn. The amount on the butter knife is very very small and it's a good idea to do a quick touch onto the sore for testing purposes. Once the temperature is not scalding, just a few touches onto the sore and its over!

Two hours later the sore began receding into the depths of hell from whence it came.

I have used this techinque all my life and it plain works. Very few people even know this solution exists but I wanted to share with you all who experience these from time to time. Mind you, my last sore was 5 years ago.

Take care my readers and have a great work week, I know I will (wink!).