Introduction: Ras3Der. One-Click Photo to 3D Model.

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Ras3Der, my free tool of 3d Model Viewer, Converter, 2D image to 3D model.... etc.

Convert image to 3D Model in just 3 Steps.

Step1 : Load image file ( bmp, jpg, gif...)

Step2 : Select Converting Mode.

Step3 : Save 3d Model ( STL, 3ds, obj...).


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Kinds of 3D Model effect:

Image-Processing, Cropping, Set Model Size, thickness.....:

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Step 1: Load Image File.

First, let's load an image file from [File] / [Import] / [Raster Image] menu item.

You can switch language as you want under the drop-down menu items of language.

Step 2: 3 Image-processing Modes to Get Different Kind of 3D Model Conversion.

There are 3 modes for image-processing.

Mono : Will create a 3d model with only 2-level of height.

Gray : Will create a 3D model with smooth height.

Color : Will create a 3D Model with segmented height.

Also you can invert the image, cropping image as you want.

There are "Restore Original Image" that let you to undo the crop.

And you can adjust the smoothness by drag the scrollbar or enter the value in edit box.

Step 3: Start Converting.

Once finish Image-Processing. Press "OK" to start converting Image to 3D Model.

1. Enter the size ( CM ) of model width.

2. Enter the value ( CM ) of model thickness.

Step 4: Get a 3D Model From Image File.

Now we get a textured 3D model converted from an image file.

You can hide the texture to see the plain model.

Finally, save the model as a STL 3D file, that you can use it to print the model directly from a 3D printer.

Step 5: Also It Is a 3D Model Viewer and Converter.

You can also load kinds of 3d Model file by this tool.

And export kinds of file format as well.

There are also many functions that you can

Show/hide lights, change light color,

Mouse Left/Middle/Right key to Rotate/Zoom/Move View.

Display model in point / frame / solid mode.

For those not mentioned, please try them by yourself.

Step 6: Model Result of 3 Modes Image-processing.