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Introduction: Rasagulla - Milk Sweet's Bird Nest

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Hello Everybody,

This instructable is about a super simple, easy to make milk sweet (dessert) recipe also eye catching beauty. This recipe can make your guest raise their eyebrow and wow them. Even the nest is edible and sweet

Step 1: Ingredients

This recipe calls for very basic ingredients that are already present in kitchen

For Rasagulla

1) Milk - 500 ml

2) Lemon - 1/2

3) Sugar - 1 cup

4) Water - 2 cup

5) Corn flour - 1tbsp

For Nest

1) Wheat vermicelli - 200 gm

2) Butter - 50 gm

3) Sweetened condensed milk - 1/2 cup

For garnish

Mint leaves , pomegranate, sprinkles(optional)

Step 2: Rasagulla Procedure

Boil the milk in a thick bottomed pan for 10 mins, its will try to rise up, add the lemon juice extracted from 1/2 lemon little by little, you can replace lemon by vinegar also. what happens when you added acidic ingredients in milk? Immediately the milk will curdle. you'll be seeing milk solids (well not exactly milk solids, more like crumbled milk pieces)

Keep on stirring

Step 3: Tick Tock 20 Mins

Jus because doesn't mean its done. you have extract the maximum out of it, keep on boiling at low flame or temperature and continue the stirring. For this quantity it almost took 20 mins to curdle fully.

How to know its been fully curdled, you start seeing yellowish water like separated from milk solids. That's your cue

Step 4: Drain Set Up

Keep a vessel and colander above with certain distance at bottom, Put a cheese cloth or any cotton cloth to drain of the water from curdled milk solid pieces (Its called Chhena here). This is the base for many variety of milk sweets. I'm just posting only one of the many

Step 5: Press, Twist and Strain

While pouring it will be hot, so handle carefully. use all your muscle and squeeze out the water well

Step 6: Wash It

Once the leftover is removed, wash it with cold water, this process eliminates the sourness left by lemon juice during curdling process. I washed two times thoroughly. squeeze out the excess and hang it some where for left over water to be removed

Step 7: Rasagulla Dough

After 15 mins, remove it from cheese cloth and crumble down the round ball. It will soft and spongy , then you have achieved the perfect Chhena. Add 1 tbsp of cornflour to 1/2 cup of Chhena and knead well. Its for a dough structure.

Step 8: Cute Rasagulla Eggs

Take small amount from mother dough and roll it with your hands, it shouldn't crumble down. It will not stick your hand so you don't have to worry about that part. Roll all the cute little eggs. Mean while add sugar and water, they should be in the ratio of 1:2

Step 9: Dunk Them in Sugar Syrup

After sugar gets dissolved, let it boil for 5 mins, slightly it will to start thicken up, add your rasagulla, until now your rasagulla doesn't have any sweet ingredient now we gonna infuse them in sugar syrup (its also called jeera). This part is where our eggs turn from milk solid to milk sweet.

Chhena and cornflour are in correct ratio, because after adding them in sugar syrup they didn't break down and left crumbles, they were intact a single piece that's our first victory.

After 10 mins boiling them in sugar syrup, keep it aside and let them stay there, its preferred to keep them for one day like that. It will absorb the sugar syrup and it will be soft, spongy and sugar syrup will be released when squeezed.

Step 10: Edible Nest Preparation

Add butter, melt it.

Add the wheat vermicelli, you can also add vermicelli made out of all purpose flour but they will be light in colour, it preferred brown(wheat make) so they like real branch colour

sauce it, add the sweetened condensed milk and mix it well

Step 11: Make the Nest

Grease the bowl with oil or butter, add the mixture little hot as it will be easy to shape it up. Press with your fingers to obtain the shape. Remove from glass bowl.

They will stay intact due to condensed milk, once you give them shape

Step 12: Let's Build the Nest Part 1

Make some more nest same way as did using the bowl , line it up. Add mint leaves, these are mama birds leaving real leaves in nest for making baby birds comfortable.

Step 13: Let's Build the Nest Part 2

Add your rasagulla ... ahhh I mean the sweet eggs and little bit throw in some pomegranate. Don't ask me what's the purpose. it jus gave for colour contrast and also its sweet fruit

Step 14: Final Step

Drizzle the chocolate syrup, actually it was suppose to stay above rasagulla, but these rasagulla drank them... i.e., absorbed it since its liquid. Add colourful sprinkles, I know that it has nothing to do with real nest, but come on. who doesn't like rainbow sprinkles ;)

Step 15: Admire It

This is very easy to make recipe, but the looks of it makes it like chefs stuff. Bur the person who makes only know that its easy to pull it off in very short notice. These are little dynamites if you are hosting a party at your place. Makes you look like you have achieved next level stuff in your culinary skills

Step 16: Thank You

You made it this far, hope enjoyed it and you are eagerly waiting to try it out soon.

Please post your comments and thoughts.

See you soon. Adios !!

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    2 years ago

    beautifully crafted!

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    rocket radhi

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    These turned out so pretty!
    Nice job. :)

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    rocket radhi

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    Thank you very much ☺️