Introduction: Rat Trap Phone Stand

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I made it at Techshop.

I wanted a phone stand for my new phone, so I came up with the idea of using a rat trap and some rubberized drawer liner.   This is how I did it.  Please excuse my terminology; I am not familiar with rat trap components.

Step 1: Release Spring Tension

Using pliers I released the spring tension off the primary wire.

Step 2: Bend the Standard Wire That Sets the Trap

Top is a standard wire that sets the trap, I used small pliers to create a C pattern in the end (wire shown on bottom).

Step 3: Cut Rubberize Drawer Liner to Size

I used the trap for the cut out pattern on the rubberized drawer liner.  I used household scissors to cut.  I went wide and will trim close later.

Step 4: Glued the Rubberized Drawer Liner on the Back

I glued the rubberized drawer liner on the back of rat trap.  I used household cement.  I agonize over using the correct glue; but a general purpose glue did just fine.  I put the glue in the four corners and then did a zigzag pattern down the middle.  I pressed the shelf liner on, and then just turn it over to dry.

Step 5: Assembly of C Wire to Primary Wire

I  flipped the trap over and hook the C wire to the primary wire to act as a stand.  I did not put a stop on the primary wire to stop the C wire from moving up.  I just let it slide to a resting position. I lucked out and the C wire stopped at a great position (angle) to have my phone sitting at.  You might want to either put a kink in primary wire or a piece of tape for a stop (if you so desire).