Introduction: Rat/Mouse Trap Mod

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One day, you might find yourself lost in the woods while camping! One day, the stock market will crash and are YOU ready to survive? Traps and Snares are one of the most important things while surviving. Blake Alma, the founder of The Art of the Outdoorsman once said, "A trap is as someone else hunting for you when you can't, it is truly your best hunting buddy!" This is so true. Unlike fishing poles and firearms, traps and snares work when you are sleeping! So learning how to make a simple trap is indeed helpful for it is an art of an outdoorsman!. Let's get started!

You need:

A Mouse or Rat Trap, staples, pliers, glue, and a pencil.

Note: There are laws regarding traps.

Step 1: Adding the Mod

Use your pliers to take off 1 to 3 staples. Add glue onto the staple(s) and put them around the kill bar. Use the eraser on the pencil to spread the glue. Wait for it to dry.

Step 2: Baiting

Add peanut butter to the trap. Rat Traps are great for squirrels, bird, and rats. Mouse Traps are great for chipmunks, mice, and smaller birds. Carrying these traps while camping or surviving is an great idea! They are easy to carry and are amazing for surviving! We would recommend it greatly.

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