Introduction: Razor Blade Cleaner and Honing Strop

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Razor Blade Cleaner and Honing Strop is designed to extend the life of those expensive men's and ladies multi-blade razors. The idea is to clean between the blades before honing the razor. This idea will not only aid in extending the razors serviceable life, but will make shaving more comfortable because the razor has been cleaned and honed.

Step 1: Items Needed

1. Leather (real leather belt will do) approx. 5" X 1-1/2" wide

2. Commercial grade two sided tape (3m tape)

3. Small brush (toothbrush will do)

4. Scissors

5. Straightedge (ruler or square)

6. Strong adhesive ( I used Loctite GO2)

7. Pencil

Step 2: Mark and Cut Leather

1. With the straightedge mark the leather with the pencil to the desired length

2. Cut both ends of the leather with the scissors

Step 3: Measure and Cut the Two Side Tape

1. Place the two sided tape on top of the leather

2. Measure and mark the tape the same length as the leather.

3. Cut the tape

Step 4: Peel and Stick Tape

1. Peel one side of the double sided tape

2. Stick the peeled side of the tape to one side of the leather (in this case on the finished side of the leather belt).

3. Leave the the other side of the tape with the cover on for now.

Step 5: Cut and Glue the Small Brush

1. Cut the toothbrush with the scissors approx. 1-1/2" total length.

2. Apply adhesive on the untapped side of the leather and the edge.

3. Let dry per adhesive directions (in this case 24 Hours).

Step 6: Place Razor Cleaner and Honing Tool on Desired Surface.

1. Inside or outside the medicine cabinet door by peeling the the covered end of the two sided tape.

2. On the wall directly over the bathroom sink.

3. Or any other place you find it convenient for cleaning and honing your razor blade.

Step 7: Razor Cleaner Procedure

1. First clean the razor by starting at one end of small brush.

2. Swipe the razor across the brush to eject the whiskers/hair before honing.

Step 8: Honing the Razor Procedure

1. After cleaning the razor on the small brush.

2. Place the razor at the bottom/base end of the leather strop.

3. Stroke the blades of the razor upwards toward the small brush.

4. Repeating the stroking movement for five to six times, or more if desired.

5. Rinse off razor before shaving.

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