Introduction: Razor Blade Survival Knife

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This is a survival knife i made with stuff from my survival tin, and some things you can find in the Nature. Not the biggest knife, but its very handy, you can clean your fish, you can cut wood or you can cut your string.

Step 1: Find the Things!

In the survival kit can you find:

In the nature you can find:
New stick (the stick must be easy to cut)

Step 2: Cut!

Cut the stick like on the picture!

Step 3: Grind!

You must grind the stick, so it fits perfect in your hand!

Step 4: Cut Again!

Cut som space from the top and down, so the razor blade can fit in there.

Step 5: String!

Tie the string around the knife, so the razorblade stay!

Tip: tie the string very tight.

Step 6: Done!

You can make it look a lot more cool if you just take some time to build it.
Thanks for checking my totorial!
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