Introduction: Re-purposing an Old Router Box for Your Arduino Project

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This project came about from a need to house my home automation project.

I decided to re-purpose the case from an old faulty PlusNet router (Thomson TG585 router).

The requirements for my enclosure were::

  • Low profile wall hung box
  • Easy flip off lid panel (no screws).
  • Re-use existing LEDs for status display
  • Removable prototype circuit board

The firmware for this arduino project needed frequent updates whilst still developing my prototype, hence the requirement for an easy access panel.

Step 1: Hack the Old PCB

Most router boxes have power switches, butons, status LEDs, dc sockets etc which can be re-used by your arduino project.

I cutout the LEDs from the existing PCB and wired them up to my project. This let me view the status LEDS on the existing face panel.

Step 2: Mount Your Circuit Board

The circuit board is literally held by an elastic band :-) for easy removal and re-working the spaghetti wiring behind the board.

The flip panel sits fairly firm in the box when closed. I cutout a notch next to the top switch for easily prising it open with your fingers.

Hopefully, this recycling project will give ideas to others, save plastic from landfill, and give a box another useful life.

Step 3: Here's Another Box I Made Later!

reused an old mini sky wifi adapter box for a doorbell interface.

1 simple master doorbell switch to control a wired doorbell, a wireless doorbell and home automation unit.

the external wired doorbell unit runs off 2 Aaa batteries for several years, and is simplex and super reliable, and want to keep it that way.

this unit monitors the doorbell switch voltage of
the wired doorbell circuit for a closed circuit and is used to trigger the 2 other wireless triggers.

arduino runs off a lithium battery and uses power saving hibernation mode to run for several years on a single charge.