Introduction: Re-use Worn Plastic Scrapers

If you have a belt sander, then you probably already resurface your old scrapers with it, ... but I don't have one, in fact I don't have a woodworking workshop at all, just a few hand tools... and a CNC. Which is a wonderful multi-purpose device that I end up using for everything, whether it would typically be done by a CNC ... or not.

I have a set of plastic scrapers that are all a bit chewed up. That's because they're far more often used as "spudgers" to (relatively) gently open up the plastic case of some device I need to get inside of, in order to repair it or salvage parts for re-use elsewhere.

So with a hand saw and a couple of offcuts of wood I had handy (actually I salvaged them from my neighbour's trash pile ... with his permission of course), and a couple of bolts left over from my book edging project, I made the little wooden clamp you can see in the photos.

Step 1: Do a Jig!

I took the two pieces of wood and clamped them together, then drilled through both and used a couple of bolts to lock them in place. A third hole at an angle let me clamp the scraper to the wood at just the right angle for trimming with the CNC.

Step 2: And Cut...

One pass and done!

I know this was a very short instructable and I suppose I could pad it out to appear more complex, but really it was just a few minutes work to put together, and that is rather the point I was hoping to make... it's often fast and easy to hack up a quick tool to solve a problem or repair something - easier, quicker, and cheaper than going out to the shops to buy a replacement. And if you don't have the exact tool and parts for the job, look around at what you do have and see if there's a way you can adapt that to the task.

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