Introduction: Reactor Mod + How to Paint a Nerf Gun

This will teach you how to mod a nerf reactor and paint any nerf gun. Note that some are easier to paint than others

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need:
Nerf reactor
Paint (blue, black and orange)
13/32 bit
Any length of pvc pipe with 1
Inch diameter

Ignore the retaliator barrel extension ;)

Step 2: Remove Grip

Remove the grip on the reactor by removing the 8 screws in the handle. Put aside for later

Step 3: Remove "pump"

Remove the pump on the front. Sometimes it is a pain and hard to get off

Step 4: Paint

Paint blue over blue, and orange over green. Paint the pump grip black, and the dark blue handle orange. Keep the orange spot on the back orange. Let it dry, then do touch up work

Step 5: While You Are Waiting...

Remove the air restrictor in the plunger/ clip thing.

Step 6: Detailing and Re-assembling

Put on whatever you want, then reasemble

Step 7: Done