Introduction: Reader Machine

Sometimes when people wants to have their own personal space, however, many people will send message to you, and you must read it or they will question you, isn't that annoying? Hi, I'm the students form KCIS, and I will teach you how to create a machine that can read people's message automatically by ardunio.

This is also the video if the video on top doesn’t work

Step 1: Materials

There are some materials that you need for the machine :

Arduino (1)

Wire ( about 15 )

Photoresistor (1)

Servo motor (1)

Battery (1)

Tape (1)

Aluminum foil (1)

Resistance ( The blue one ) (1)

Step 2: Step 1

Finishing prepare the material, we can start to create the circuit board.

Made all the material into the exact same with the picture.

Reminder: the resistance is the blue one, the exact same as the picture I post in the material page.

Step 3: Step 2

Nest, we need to make the servo motor works when it touches the screen

Use a piece of aluminum foil to rape on the positive side


Stick the battery by tape on a side of the motor, so that when the battery touch the screen, it can tap into the message.

Step 4: Step 3

Ardunio code

This is the code that I write, there are some explanation inside too.

Step 5: Step 4 ( Final )

Put the machine in the right position (ex: The video)

When the message come the machine will help you read it by itself.

Enjoy for your personal time!!