Introduction: Introduction


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Step 1: Prerequisite

The Mobile application of this project has developed using Intel XDK. I have used Cloud Platform for IoT cloud. All the code is written using Arduino IDE.

Necessary software requirement

  • Arduino IDE
  • Intel XDK
  • Account
  • knowledge about Mobile application development
  • Internet Connection

Hardware requirement

  1. Arduino 101
  2. Arduino Ethernet Shield
  3. Power supply 12V
  4. Breadboard
  5. jumper wires
  6. Breadboard Power Supply
  7. Heart Rate Sensor
  8. ECG sensor
  9. Blood Pressure Sensor
  10. Push Button
  11. Buzzer
  12. LED
  13. Humidity sensor
  14. Temperature sensor
  15. Movement sensor

Step 2: Step by Step Video Tutorials

Download all the source from my GITHUB and follow the Video instructions. In this tutorials I used only one sensor. Do the same procedure for other sensors as well (all the references and the final_frimware are available on github).

You are free to asked me any questions about this project.

The video tutorials channel is

Video tutorials Channel

Please follow them step by step.

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