Introduction: Restoring an Antique Radio

About: I enjoy. radio restoration and collecting and woodworking.I repair ride ons

Received this radio in bad shape.


Wire trimmer / skinner, navel jelly (kills and prevents rush)

Step 1: Received a Non Working Radio

Received a 1946 Crosley 66tc radio that had seen better days

Step 2: Took Completely Apart

I had to take the cabinet completely apart to remove all old glue and to sand all the wood.

Step 3: Putting the Cabinet Back Together

After sanding and filling in any blemish I started glueing the wood back together

Step 4: Stain and Finish

I stain with a special walnut stain and then after putting on first coat of finish I steel wooled the cabinet and kept repeating for four more coats.

Step 5: Chassis Work

I then had remove the tubes and note where they go back into the chassis .Then had to clean using naval jelly , and recap the electronics of the radio.Which included getting rid of mice nest and dropping.

Step 6:

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