Introduction: Rebuild a PW 80

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Every bike will be different but this hopefully give you the confidence to get out there and tear that old motorbike apart and get it running again. This instructables will show you the steps it takes to get it done


top end kit

Crankshaft and bearings and seals




front fork bearings and seals

Step 1: Find a Motorcycle Online

Check you local facebook market place ask neighbors search for a bike that was unloved and forgoten and bring it back to life. i was able to get this bike for free the owner of the bike said it was to expensive to fix and wasnt worth the bike. A challenge was accepted

Step 2: Disassembly the Bike

I went over board on this but that is OK now I know every detail of this bike. looking back should not have disassembled the front wheel.

also keep track of all nuts and bolt with baggies or some way to label where they went this will make it much easier to reassemble.

Step 3: Get at the Problem

My problem was the crankshaft was locked up so in order for me to get to the problem I had to disassemble the motor first. the issue was removing the fly wheel. this requires a special tool. I used a puller from my neighbor but Yamaha and a bunch of other distributors sell a special piece that would make this easier.

Once the fly wheel is removed the Phillip head screws had to come out again a special tool was needed I went to harbor freight and use the impact screw driver kit to dislodge the screws. Yamaha makes a special phillips head so I been told but the impact screwdriver works great

Step 4: Split the Case and Clean Away the Grime

This turned out to be a nightmare of an undertaking. there was so much mud and oil I couldn't see all the screws and missing just 1 can cause alot of problems but I was able to see the last screw and remove it before I ruined the case. Pressure wash the motor before trying to get all the screws out you will thanks me later.

Step 5: Rebuild the Bottom End

I was able to fine the parts for this on website. I purchase a new crankshaft and seals along with bearings. In this step I tried all the you-tube techniques but it didn't work so i just bashed them in with a hammer not the right way but it worked for me!! The bottom end rebuild is a daunting task but doable trust me this was the first time i ever worked on a bike and the internet is a great thing. you can do it!!

Step 6: Rebuild the Top End

Really this was intimidating at first but once I did it wrong 3 time the last time was really simple. Like i said before this I am no mechanic... I purchased the top end kit from amazon for cheap. but with cheap you get cheap material I would suggest using the original bolts and nuts the one that came with it where crap. The hardest part on this step was getting the ring in the shaft but that wasn't to bad just take your time and squeeze it in.

Step 7: Reassemble

I had taken alot of stuff off sanded and repainted it. dont paint the tank like i did just go buy the new plastics in any color and make this bike shine!!

Step 8: Fix the Stuff I Screwed Up

Kick starter- the spring in the inside wasn't properly turned.....

remove the oil pump- Not sure this is needed i heard people just using mixed gas and not worrying about removing this but it wasn't very hard so i would recommend it

add new plastics

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