Introduction: Rechargeable LED Light / Torch From Old LiIon Battery

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hi i made few rechargeable lights from cheap ebay components and LI-ion batteries from old electronics

Step 1: Schematic and Component's

1. charging board for LiIon battery

2. switch

3. some resistor (60Ω for single LED) and LED

(LED will get dimmer as battery voltage goes down)

3.1 or for constant brightnes you can use 5V step up

3.2 you can also use cheap USB LED light insted of making one

or one with touch switch

4. battery

Step 2: Battery

find some good Li-Ion battery

if you have flat battery from cell phone or something else is better to leave original protection board on it (it is hidden under tape or plastic part of the battery)

Step 3: Layout

place your componnents as you want and mark it

Step 4: Copper Traces

i placed copper tape for less cable mess but you can use wires

then i connected them with solder on corners and isolated copper traces under components with some tape

Step 5: Gluing and Soldering

glue components on place and cut some wires for connecting boards together

Step 6: Connection Check

solder copper pads and board together and check connection with multimeter

Step 7: Switch

i used cheap magnetic switch

Step 8: Connecting a Battery and Test

as finnal step connect battery and chheck voltage and correct polarity

i left original protection board on battery and i probbably shorted it out during assembly that couse automatic protection disconnect battery from rest of the circuit

no worry for restart just plug it on charger for a second and it immediately self restart

Step 9: Light Test

test it :)

Step 10: Final Cower and Waterproofing

i added some hot glue on ends and LEDs and rap with heat shrink sleeve for waterproof seal

Step 11: Holes for LEDs

cut holes for LEDs and check for possible holes

Step 12: Water Test

if there aren't any air bubbles you have good seal

Step 13: Done !

Step 14: Some My Other Documented Lights

just for inspiration

(click for more images there are step by step photos)

Step 15: Full Video

here is full video with detailed steps if you are interested but not in english I'm sorry :(