Reclaimed Granite Bar (Yes You Can Cut Granite Yourself)

Introduction: Reclaimed Granite Bar (Yes You Can Cut Granite Yourself)

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My next door neighbors got new counter tops and I asked what they did with the old ones turns out it was free to me and I was ready for the challenge. For my first Granite top I found the piece that was the most messed up I didn't want to try cutting granite for the first time on a good piece.


Skill saw


diamond blade for skill saw and grinder

table saw

chop saw

tape measure

air compressor brad nailer

pull saw

kreg jig

cedar fencing

treated 2x4s

treated decking

exterior grade screws

Step 1: Build the Frame

Using pressure treated wood cut to the dimensions. For this bar I really was just wanting to practice or even see if I could cut granite by my self with no big expensive tool.

Step 2: Cut the Granite to Size

Ok safety first I had it all today respiratory hearing protection and safety glasses. Do this out side it makes a huge mess

I started out by measuring off the best straight edge on the piece i had then used a straight edge clamp to keep my blade straight. took multiple passes dropping my blade 1/8 at a time until the piece breaks away or 1/4 from the bottom then snap the seam to break it.

Step 3: Harder Cuts!!!!

I wanted the top to slide right on top and go around the supports this required the use of the angle grinder to make the tighter cuts. Once it was cut on both sides I was able to tap the granite with the hammer and it fell right out then used the angle grinder to clean it up a bit.

Step 4: Cover the Shell

I used cedar fencing to wrap the shell of the box. Cut the fencing into 1 inch strips and then use a brad nailer to secure it in place leaving 1/8th gap between each piece.

Step 5: Add Hardware

I tried to make my own supports but finally decided to go with some shelf brackets from the box store.

Step 6: Build Drawers

i wont go into great detail on this. Build the drawers using pressure treated wood i used leftover decking from my deck project. add the slides and enjoy.

Step 7: Finish

I used the Japanese technique shou sugi ban on all the trim boards. This is where you burn the wood slightly I thought it made a great contrast. Then seal everything with a water sealer. I used a spray Thompson water sealer,

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