Introduction: Reclaiming Old TV Trays

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This seems almost too simple but it is an Instructable because some folks simply aren't able to envision how easy it is to recycle and reuse old items so maybe this will inspire somebody, save some landfill space, and make all ,our lives a little better.

Some folks call this being cheap and maybe it is some sort of false savings but, damn it, like the Harry Chapin song says, it just makes me whole.

I found these rickety old oak TV trays at a church sale for $3 for all of them. My wife had said that we need a couple for our travel trailer so I got them knowing they'd need work but also that the least expensive new wooden ones run about $16 each.

Step 1: Figure Out What's Wrong and Fix It

One of the trays was missing a stringer between its legs so i measured, cut a new one and glued and bradded it in place.

All three had warps and separations that were solved employing glue, clamping and brads.

Step 2: Finish Them Off

After the glue had dried and everything was tight again, I sanded the areas that had gotten a little rough over the years. Using rattle cans, I painted the trays in our beachy trailer's colors

Step 3: And in Conclusion...

We now have three TV trays for our trailer, the wife is happy and I feel like I have saved the world once again.

Go forth and do likewise.....