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Introduction: Record Player Stand

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Here is a simple record player (media) stand made from two plywood rectangles, one inside the other. Made to a custom length, height, and width to fit our space. We also went paint outside and stain inside, can do the other way around if wanted. Iron hair pin legs add great support and weight.

Step 1: Cutting Plywood

Cut the plywood to width and length. Due to the size, I used a Bora guide rail and multiple measurements to get the right width and then length for our table. The important aspect is to remain square. Repeat the cuts for width for the inside rectangle.

Step 2: Joinery

For this project, the outside layer was connected with kreg pocket screws. Mainly because the pocket holes will be covered by the inside layer.

Step 3: Edge-banding

To keep the plywood from looking like plywood, iron on edge-banding was use to cover gaps and cracks. Very useful and easy to do if you've never tried.

Step 4: Inside Layer

The inside layer was placed using wood glue and clamps. After glued tried a little, screws were placed to hold permanently.

Step 5: Dividers

Dividers were evenly spaced and laid out. Once square, were held into place using glue and screws. Wood filler was later used to fill the over the screws and hide within the paint.

Step 6: Staining and Painting

For out stand, the inside was giving a dark walnut stain. And the outside was given an off white paint. Use whichever pattern works for y'all. It might be helpful to paint prior to assembly if possible. Definitely would save a few headaches.

Step 7: Legs and Decorating

We used hair pin legs for ours. We like the metal/wood look. Shop around if you would like a different appearance. Hope everyone enjoyed, never stop building.

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    5 years ago

    Very nice, great style! You do good work - it looks like it was manufactured. Thanks for taking the considerable effort to document your project, and sharing it. I'm going to try to make one myself.

    I have one question, I'm not able to understand what exactly you edge-banded; was it it the inside box or the outside box? It seemed like you painted one and stained the other, so that confused me.


    Reply 5 years ago

    I edge banded the inside box, mainly so the stain would look better than staining the edge of plywood. In hindsight I would edge band both, my ply wood had some chip outs that left some gaps on the outside box that the paint didn't hide very well. Good luck! Post a pic when you make it.

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    That looks very nice. This would work well for many other kinds of display tables also.