Introduction: Whiskey Barrel Stave Bottle Opener

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Made a rustic appearing bottle opener using whiskey barrel stave and a concrete nail. Inspiration from Good Clean Fun from Nick Offerman. Enjoy! Never stop making

Step 1: Materials

I was able to get some whiskey barrel staves cheap online. Shop around, don't over pay. And pick one of the thinner stock or rip down to a size that fits in the hand well.

Step 2: Drilling

Using a drill press (would be much harder with a hand held drill), drill out the main hole. I used a 1 3/8 inch forstner bit. Just make sure the hole is big enough for a bottle top plus some room for the nail and room to move.

Step 3: Drill a Pilot Hole

Using a smaller drill bit, drill all the way through so that the nail can follow a straight path.

Step 4: Larger Side

Measure the drill bits so that you can drill a whole large enough to house the fatter end of the screw (Note: if using nails that don't taper, can drill all the way through)

Step 5: Drill the Smaller Hole

If needed to fit your nail, screw, or other bottle opening choice of metal, drill the back hole large enough to fit.

Step 6: Epoxy

I used 2 part epoxy. I initially used the nail that will go into the bottle opener to stir the epoxy together and placed it through the holes. Filled in some cracks and added extra epoxy to secure it.

Step 7: Rounding Over

After cutting to a desired length, round out the bottom if desired. I used a disc sander.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Pop a top and relax. Wait for the epoxy to dry of course. Hope everyone enjoys. Check out Nick Offerman's book Good Clean Fun. That is where my inspiration came from.