Recumbent Madness

Introduction: Recumbent Madness

This is the second major part of an ongoing project that I'm working on. I was attempting to build a tandem bicycle in recumbent style. This is not the whole project, however. It is one half of what will be a much larger piece. In order to build it I was repurposing plumbing parts and some parts from some old bikes. It involved quite a few steps including welding, forging, improvising and many many mistakes. These photos are in-progress shots of the frame being built. At the end of it, the frame was more-or-less completed. There is still quite a bit yet to do including building seats, adding wheels and tires, figuring out a steering mechanism and taking it for a proof-of-concept ride. All of this and much more will be posted in the near future.

To see more progress and mistakes being made on the Pariahcycle.

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