Introduction: The Budding Pariahcycle.

Last weekend I got bored with planning and decided to start actually putting some stuff together, so I went out to the bike pile and extracted a red bike frame, a grey bike frame and a collection of nasty looking pipes that were laying around the shop.

Once I had prepared all the parts I needed, I laid them all out to see what would be the best configuration. In order to get all the parts to fit the way I wanted them to, I cut each one to the size I needed, then contoured and bevelled the ends so that they would fit solidly against the curved surfaces that I had to weld to.

Next, I shimmed the pieces up using fire bricks so everything was straight and properly aligned. I then tack-welded it together, corrected a mistake or two, then welded all the joints. 

Once finished, I put on some seats and handlebars, assembled the crank sets, and put on some wheels and tires. At which point it was time for a test ride.

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