Introduction: Recycle Belt

About: Hi, my name is Jannelle. I'm a mother to six. I love crafting and repurposing things, especially jewelry. I also enjoy writing, photography, and baking.

In this instructable, you'll see how I turned old belt buckles into earrings.

Step 1: Materials Needed

  • Old Belt Buckles
  • Cotton Thread
  • Glass Beads - glass beads were handcrafted by me, however you can use any beads of your choice.
  • Seed Beads
  • Sequins
  • Earrings Pins and Hooks
  • Glue - super glue, Epoxy, or E6000
  • Jewelry Pliers - your of choice which pliers work best for you when crafting

Step 2: Let's Begin by Wrapping

Using jewelry pliers (round nose), wrap earring pin completely around, leaving a loop on the corner tip of buckle.

Step 3: Adding Cotton Thread

Tie a knot, then wrap cotton thread slow and neatly around buckle. Add a tip of glue occasionally to secure cotton in place. Note: I used Scotch create super glue, however you can use E6000 or Epoxy.

Step 4: Adding Earring Pins, Seed Beads, and Glass Beads

Using round nose jewelry pliers, take earring pin and double loop it by wire wrapping one end, add beads like a pattern (seed bead, glass bead, seed bead) then repeat wire wrap. Cut off excess with jewelry pliers (cutters).

Step 5: Add Earring Hooks and You're Finish

Use jewelry pliers to add earring hooks. You're finish. Additional pair in a different color. Thank you for reading this instructable.

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