Introduction: Recycle Plastic Into Guitar Picks!

Hello there! In this instructable I will show you how to recycle empty shampoo bottles , plastic lids , empty yoghurt pots and such into guitar picks. Its a great and cheap way making something out of things that would otherwise go to the trash bin.

For this instructable you will need :
1. All sorts of plastics that have a flat or almost flat surface ( like shampoo bottles, plastic lids , milk jugs , yoghurt pots , plastic cards that you dont need anymore )

2.Sharp Scissors

3. A sharpie

4. A guitar pick of your choice ( for recreating the shape )

5. Optional : A plectrumcutter

Step 1: Gather Your Materials!

Look around at your home - Im sure you have something that you can turn into guitar picks !

Step 2: Preparing and Cutting the Plastic

I hope you have found something that you can turn into some picks! I used an empty shampoo bottle and some yoghurt pot for this instructable. Before you can cut it into something useful ,you need to take the labels off first. After that start to cut it out into some kind of plastic sheets.

Step 3: Trace It Out and Cut It !

So now you have some plastic sheets. You have to get your desired guitar pick shape onto the sheet by placing a guitar pick onto it and trace the outlines with a sharpie. After that , cut around the outlines - voila, you are done!

Optional : For better results you can also use a plectrumcutter

Step 4: You Are Done!

I know this instructable is not new - there are a lot of members here that made similar kinds of picks, but with this instructable you can not only use plastic cards for making picks. You can use every plastic with a flat surface that would have had no longer use at your home. Save the environment - reuse resources ! Thank you for reading this little instructable. Feel free to check our my little etsy-shop :