Introduction: Recycle Repouse

Do you have an aluminum can to recycle? Need Earrings? You are in luck. Enjoy this Instructable to learn how to use simple repouse metal techniques for great jewelry or fridge magnets.

Step 1: What Will You Need & Step 1

You will need a sketch of your earring (or pendant), a ball point pen, a dark marking pen, pair of scissors, cotton swab, fingernail polish remover and a section of an old newspaper .


If you like a thicker metal feel you can use contact cement to add a piece of aluminum can to the back of your piece. (details in Step 3).


Take your recycled can.

A. Carefully pierce the can at the bottom. Insert the scissors and cut around bottom of the can and repeat for the top.

B. Cut a vertical line through the cylinder and flatten. This will give you a sheet of metal with which to work. Cut to size.

*Regular scissors are able to accomplish this cutting with no problem.

Step 2: Draw Your Image, Trace With Ball Point Pen on Your Recycled Metal

A. Place the metal shiny side down on the newspaper. Put your drawing on top.

Now comes the fun!

B. Press firmly down with the ball point pen and trace the lines of your drawing. This will begin to make a depression in the metal.

C. Flip the metal over (with the painted side facing up) and press lines on either side of your original line. This will create a more detailed line.

D. Use the cotton swab to press in between the lines in a circular movement to give more dimension to your piece.

E. If you drew directly on the metal, dip the swab into the nail polish remover to erase the magic marker lines.

Step 3: Add Thickness and Shape Your Piece.

A. Put contact cement on the painted side of both pieces. (one with pattern texture and one flat).

B. Let the glue dry.

C. When dry, press the two colored sides together.

D. Now use scissors to cut off the extra metal if your design calls for that. (save left over pieces to recycle).

E. Punch a hole at the top and add a link. You can also add beads, feathers or other metal designs to your jewelry piece.

Step 4: You Can Add Color!

Add color with metal paint.

A. I used these water based metal paints. You can also use enamel paint. Mix colors and apply. A cotton swab can be used to clean up mistakes.

B. When the paint is dry use fine sandpaper or an emery board to sand off raised areas to reveal your repouse work and the silver color of the aluminum.

For great original fridge magnets, use a sheet magnet, cut it to size and apply it to the back of your piece.

To make a bracelet, use a brass preformed cuff and glue your repouse painted design to the surface with the contact cement.

Your imagination is your only limit! Enjoy making your new jewelry!

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