Introduction: Follow Your Heart

Recently, I traveled to Sante Fe where I was inspired by all the milagos in the stores and museums. I decided to get a few and enhance them. I added a personal message on the metal using my alphabet stamp tools, "Follow Your Heart". I mounted them on a piece of acrylic plastic shaped like an anatomical heart.

Zinna Folk Arts says that, "Hearts, sacred hearts, hearts with swords: These can represent the human heart, and it might be connected with cares of worries over a heart condition, or the love that one person feels for another."

Have fun creating your own heart and message. See the steps offered below.


Milagro (or optional recycled aluminum can if you want to create your own)

Piece of transparent plastic

Alphabet stamp tools, hammer, solid surface

Jeweler's Saw

Head pins

Enamel paint

Step 1: Leonardo's Heart Drawing

I printed out an image from the Internet of Leonardo Da Vinci's heart studies.

Then I cut it out and traced the outside form onto the covered plastic.

Using a jeweler's saw, I sawed out the form.

It is a good idea to polish the edge with a light sanding and some furniture polish on a rag.

Step 2: Milagro Enhanced

While visiting Sante Fe, I came across some Milagro at the San Jose Museum of Folk Art

I purchased a torso milagro and a smaller heart milagro. (There are many sites online that carry milagro for sale).

I used red and gold enamel paint to color the heart milagro.

You can also cut your own "Milagro" shape out of an recycled aluminum can. (See the final step here that refers you to my other Instructable called "Recycle Repousse" for directions.)

First, I used letter tools and a hammer to spell out "Follow Your Heart" (symbolizing health and or love problem that was solved or to be solved).

Next, I cut the body in half vertically. I did this to create a symbolic "Path" to follow.

I used a hole punch to make the holes in the torso.

Then, I stitched it back together with fine wire.

Step 3: Attach Your Milagro

Turn piece upside down. Look to see where you want to attach the metal to the plastic.

Mark several spots for the connection with a magic marker.

Drill a small hole in the plastic

Insert head pin and twist and cut to fit on the back

(I did not use rivets as pounding on the plastic might break it)

Add a chain and you are ready to wear.

You have heart and good wishes to share.

Step 4: Make Your Own Metal Shapes

For ideas on how to cut and repousse an aluminum can to make your own metal shapes see my instructable "Recycle Repousse".

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