Introduction: Recycled Gost Box

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Step 1: Matirials

You'll need a pocket knife, scissors, packing tape, a ruler, a pencil, dowel rods or sticks (3), and a small (preferably white) box or some cardboard. (you can paint it white if you want)

Step 2: Make the Box (optional)

Use the ruler to make a + on two pieces of square cardboard, make sure the two lines meet in the middle of the square. Then cut one of the lines to make two half pieces of cardboard, and then fold on the second line to make the three pieces of the cube. Then tape them together with the packing tape. You have a box!

Step 3: Carve the Face

Make sure to draw out where to cut out the eyes and mouth and (if you want) nose first! Then use the pocket knife to carve the features.

Step 4: Arms and Hair Stem Thingy

Again mark out where you want the arms and hair/stem then get some sticks or dowel rods and stick them into the box for the arms and hair/stem. Then erase the extra marks from the pencil and make it fingers from the extra cardboard. You're done!

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