Introduction: Recycled Hangarden

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Everyone knows the use of plants and trees. And we know the greatness of recycling things, and minimizing space too. So I thought of mixing all these. Thanks to the power of DIY, we can bring whatever we imagine to reality, And this is the story of the hangarden. You can customize it for endless possibilities, like painting on the bottles, etc. It all depends up to your imagination. You can also keep it indoors or outdoors. I've also gave the steps to add extras like built in germinator. It is also a very great and lesser cost gifting idea.

Step 1: Materials Required

Now it's time for me to look up at the garage. and I found these:
1) Three or four bottles. plastic one and larger one is recommended.
2) A rope to tie all the bottles. 3) A tool for cutting things.
4) And of course plant(s). (and this is not from garage.)

Optionally, you'll need a stapler or duct tape,a bubble bag for germinator and a small box, like shoebox.
and we're ready to go!

Step 2: Now, Cutting Things Up

Now comes an important part. Take a bottle. (look at the second picture). poke holes as I pointed to make cutting the bottles easier, and start cutting the bottles. cut 40% of the bottle on both top and bottom horizontally when bottle is kept vertically* with the drilled place as centre and poke holes on all the four ending points and connect (cut) all those four points
to say simply, you can see the pictures and understand on cutting the design. now do this to all the bottles.

Step 3: Insulate the Rough Edges.

The edges which are cut from the bottle will be uneven and sharp, which is dangerous to the hands of children. To keep safety first, we can insulate the uneven points with insulating or duct tape. just stick the four strips of tape on the four sides, so that half the tape is outside and half inside so it can cover the uneven places. do this to each and every bottle. 

Step 4: Drilling More Holes.

For the holes needed for tying the bottles to the ropes, poke a hole near the part which is cut on the both sides and also make a hole at the bottom of these two parts. Now do this for all the bottles. (before doing this, make sure that you have enough pairs of ropes to tie all the bottles with extras if needed.)Then you can bring in the rope to the first bottle and tie knots both up and down on either side so that it is straight. Then rope up the second bottle with knots only down at either side, do this again up to the last bottle. See the last picture and drill /poke holes as I pointed to transport the excess water to the bottle below. please do not make a hole in the last bottle so that mud and water does not spill over the ground.

Step 5: Few More and Thats All.

We have created the hangarden, but still lacks the most important thing: plants or seeds for the plant to grow in the bottles.
I am planting a money plant, some ferns and tulip plant. EDIT: after two days, the flowers started blooming. if your going to plant the seeds, try the germinator, which i'll give on how to do it later. make sure you plant them with a proper soil and pour water regularly in presence of sunlight. Now it is finished. and enjoy your own hangarden. 

Step 6: Any Problem, Fix It.

If you have not cut any one of the bottle correctly, take the excess piece of another bottle which is cut properly, and staple it firmly so that 60% of the bottle is covered up. because the soil must be high and wide enough to hold the plant.

Step 7: Extras.

This is both for the germinator and the storage box
germinator:It will be useful if you plant seeds on the bottle, because you don't want to germinate with putting a temporary plastic cover for heat clumsily. make your own permanent nursery like environment in the bottle itself. now you need: only bubble-bags and a stapler. now cut the bubble-bag so that the bag fits over the hollow of the bottle, then place it in position and staple it. And you can also remove it if you don't need it anymore.
Storage box:It can be used for keeping small things. (mostly useful if hangarden is located indoors) after tying the let bottle to the rope, (you should need space to tie the storage box also.) let the box be without lid and drill two holes in them just like bottles. and voila. you're done.

Step 8: Conclusion.

okay. you're now finished. And I can conclude that this can also be a natural, beautiful and a green furniture to your homes. Do enjoy your quality time gardening this miniature garden. Have fun
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