Introduction: Recycled Laundry Detergent Watering Can

Sometimes the best Instructables are the simplest ones. I saw this tip on Popular Mechanics list of their top tips and decided to turn it into an instructable. This is a really simple project to make and will save you some money buying watering cans, plus if you have already built a rain barrel from one of the excellent rain barrel Instructables, you will already have a good way to easily fill your homemade watering can. 

Tools needed for this Instructable:

1 empty laundry detergent bottle.
1 drill and drill bit.

Step 1: Rinse the Bottle

Rinse out your empty laundry detergent bottle thoroughly. 

Step 2: Drill Some Holes in the Bottle

Drill a bunch of holes near the top of the laundry detergent bottle. For a gentler stream of water drill smaller/less holes.

Step 3: Fill Up the Bottle With Water.

Fill your bottle with water or rain water. If you can it would be really cool to find an adapter to the top of the laundry detergent bottle that could help you attach a hose.

Step 4: Water Your Plants!

Water your thirsty plants!