Introduction: Recycled Seed Starter

If you are trying to get seeds started on a budget this is the perfect way! Recycling your egg shell cartons as well as the eggs can be very beneficial to getting plants to grow healthy! According to the American Society of Plant Biologists, Calcium, which is found in eggshells, is a ,"crucial regulator of growth and development,". In addition to using the shells to start your seedlings, they can also be a great addition to your beds for slug and snail control!


- Egg carton

- Egg shells

- Planting soil

- Water bottle

Step 1: Grab an Eggshell Carton

You can cut off the top of the carton if you want to save some space.

Step 2: Take Your Eggshell Halves and Fill Them With Your Preferred Planting Soil

Step 3: Poke a Small Hole in Water Bottle Cap

This is an easy way to precisely fill the eggs with an appropriate amount of water.

Step 4: Plant Your Chosen Seeds and Water

Label the carton in a way you can understand so you don't mix up the seeds.