Introduction: Recycled Skate Deck Shelf

This project is great if you want a cool decoration that is useful. Especially when you have old skateboards lying around you can recycle them into a cool shelve.


1. old skate decks

2. threaded rods

3. nuts that fit the rods

4. file

5. drywall screw plugs

6. screws

7. drill

8. level

9. shelf braket

10. washers

Step 1: Preparing Your Skateboard

When preparing your skateboard, since you're recycling an old skateboard you want to make it look as nice as possible. what I did is I went on the edges of the chipped up skateboard and filed them down. I filed them down to get rid of possible splinters and small pieces of wood that might be loose on the board. While doing that I cut off grip tape that was peeling off.

Step 2: Putting the Rods in the Board

When putting the rods into the board, if the rods you buy are too big for the holes in your board, drill holes that are the same size as the diameter as the rod. Next you are going to want to mark the spots on the rods where the boards will be. What I did, I marked 21/2 inches from the top and bottom and then I marked the halfway point between them. Next you are going to want to put the top skate deck on the rods first. You are only going to put 4 rods through the boards and only on the outside holes. Since the shelve is going to be hanging on the one board, you only need to put washers and bolds on the grip tape side of the top board. Next you're going to want to put the second board to the middle mark and you are going to put the washers and bolds on the graphic side of the board. You want to repeat this step with the bottom deck and the bottom mark.

Step 3: Putting the Brackets on the Wall

You want to mark out a spot where you want to put your shelve. With one of the brackets you are going to mark the holes and drill into the wall. After drilling you want to put the drywall screw plugs in the wall where there is not a beam. After that you want to screw on your bracket. Next you are going to want to mark the distance away that is most convenient to set your skateboards on the bracket. Next you want to adjust the spot that is most convenient with you level and mark that spot. Next by placing down your bracket mark your holes where the holes of the bracket are. Next repeat the step where you drill in the wall and screw on the bracket.

Step 4: Attaching Your Shelve to the Bracket

In this step you're going to drill one hole per bracket into the top of the skateboard. Make sure it is aligned with the hole the bracket and place a screw inside both holes. You can add a nut and a washer, but it is not necessary, because this is just so the skateboard doesn't slide off the bracket.

Step 5: Finished

Now you can use it as a shelve and a decoration.

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