Introduction: Recycled Trash for Elementary Physical Education Equipment

This is definitely the time to have elementary physical education equipment for use at home. But purchasing everything your child may need for elementary physical education may prove to be expensive. So, lets turn the trash we already have in our homes into physical education equipment, so our children may participate fully and not get left behind.


Wired coat hanger

Newspaper or trash paper

Gift Wrapping Roll

Toilet Paper Roll

1 or 2 liter plastic bottles

Used Pantie Hose

Tape - packing tape is best but scotch tape will work

Utility tool - knife, pliers

Step 1: Create Cones

Cones are a great general piece of physical education equipment. Use them to mark off an area (practice area), as targets, or to practice dodging skills (have children run in and out of the cones or foot dribble a ball in and out of the cones).

The cone is one of the easiest pieces of equipment to make. Simple use a one or two liter bottle as is.

Step 2: Create Balls

Different sized balls are needed for practicing throwing, catching, and striking skills.

Wad up a piece of newsletter or trash paper. Wrap packing tape around the wad to keep it together and add some weight.

Create different sizes by using more or less paper.

Step 3: Create Target

Steps 3 and 4 actually go together. Cut the one-liter or two-liter plastic bottle in half (see photo).

The bottle half of the bottle is used for a target. Be sure to apply tape around the rough cut side.

Students can practice an underhand toss with the goal of getting the ball inside the bottle.

Step 4: Create Scoops

In Step 3 you cut the one-liter or two-liter bottle in half and used the bottle half.

The top half may be used as a scoop. Be sure to apply tape around the cut lip which tends to be rough.

Children hold onto the very top (drinking area) of the bottle while throwing and catching a ball using the bottle.

Step 5: Create Long Striking Elements

Long striking elements are used as bats, golf clubs, and hockey sticks. Simply tape one end of a gift wrapping paper roll to designate the handle. Have children practice striking a moving ball in the air (batting), a moving ball on the ground (hockey strike), or a stationary ball (golfing).

Step 6: Create Short Striking Implement

This is the most interesting piece of equipment. A short striking implement is used to practice striking skills with a paddle-like implement. These skills are applied later to playing tennis, pickle ball, and badminton.

  1. Straighten the curved wire (photo 1).
  2. Insert wire part into toilet paper roll (photo 2).
  3. Tape toilet paper roll around the wire (photo 3).
  4. Re-form the triangle part of the hanger into a diamond shape (photo 4).
  5. Apply pantie hose (pantie part) over the diamond shape part of the hanger (photo 5).
  6. Wrap extra nylon and tape it into place (photo 6).

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