Introduction: Recycled Receipt Notepad

Ever gone through your wallet or a draw at home realising you are neck deep in useless receipts? Well if the taxman ain't knocking then you need to do something about it. Sure you could trash the things, but what about some creativity instead?

This Instructable is how to make a notepad using basic things you will probably have around the room you are sitting in. This is what you will need (at max):

- Some old cardboard (I enjoy cutting up the flaps off boxes)
- A bunch of old receipt dockets
- Two small metal binder ringers (usually from a stationary store or just at home in my case) or a length of ribbon/cotton/yarn/stringed such.
- Scissors or a blade
- hole puncher and single hole puncher aka a pen

Step 1: Measurements

Once I gathered my receipts I noticed that all of them had a width of 8cm, which is brilliant as it will help create a compact notepad you can take anywhere in your pocket. The only bad thing (if it is for some people) is that receipt lengths will always vary. This means you should organise them into a neat pile and then decide how long you would like them. This effect didn't worry me and I went with the common length of mine which was 19 cm. Once you have a good pile of one sided and same width pieces you can thus... CONTINUE---->

Step 2: Cardboard and Hole Punches

Now just measure up and cut your chosen cardboard or other material that will act as covers for your notepad. Now place your pile of receipts between the two pieces to get the desired neatness and positioning for your pad. Once done take some of your papers and place a hole punch in each of the top corners with a hole punch. Then draw the position of those holes on the card pieces and use a pen (my cardboard didn't fit into a hole puncher) to punch in those holes!!!

Step 3: Choice of Binding

I used two small metal binder rings, which does seem to contrast the whole "recycle your trash man and make a notepad" theme. I'm not a savy knot tier so used the rings to bind the pad instead. You can use any strong lasting material such as a yarn or whatever to bind your notepad and any knot complexity you want.

So yes, now you have your very own cool notepad with your materialistic worrries printed on the back of each page to remind you of your horid decadence... Nah, just kidding. This looks cool and does kinda make you feel good for doing some home recycling. Hope you liked my first instructable. I can't wait to make some more stuff.