Introduction: Red Coconut Chicken Pie

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Things You’ll Need

Pillsbury Pie Crust (2pk)
Boneless Chicken Breasts
Lite Coconut Milk
Chicken stock
Thai Red Chili Paste
Brown Onions
Fresh Ginger
Corn Starch
Egg white
Spices (Cumin, salt, black pepper, ground ginger)
Mango Chutney (Recipe on
Sour Cream

Step 1: Veggie Prep

Tip #1  When working with a new flavor palette such as Indian search for common spices used to familiarize yourself.

Preheat oven to 450 F. Prep all your vegetables. Dice onions, garlic, and slice carrots into thin pieces. Set aside.  Now chop up a bunch of fresh cilantro and set aside.

Step 2: Preparing Pie Filling

Now heat up a large skillet on the stove and add in your can of lite coconut milk mixed with about a tablespoon of red chili paste turn to medium heat and give it a good whisk.  While this is simmering take your chicken breast and season with salt and pepper and grill until completely cooked (I use a George Foreman!).  After the chicken is cooked dice it up and add it into the simmering coconut milk mixture along with all of your chopped veggies.

Now time to adjust all your flavors!  Take a cheese grater and grate in some fresh ginger. Now add in salt, pepper, ground ginger, and cumin to taste.  Now add in about a half cup of chicken stock, and a table spoon of cornstarch, whisk well, cover, and let it simmer…stirring occasionally.

Step 3: Start Cooking the Crust

Tip #2 If baking is not your forte….buy the crust saves the mess and lets you focus more on the fillings.

Take one of the pie crust and lay into a large greased pie dish.  Place in preheated oven for about 12 minutes or until it is browned.

While pie crust is cooking check on your chicken. In order to have the pie set properly the filling must be thick.  If filling is thick from your previous adjustment and taste great then you are ready to fill the pie!  If it is too thin add in corn starch a little at a time until the mixture is thick. Also make sure you taste to adjust flavors, when I cooked this I had to add in more cilantro and chili paste.

Step 4: Pie Assembly Pt.1

Now remove pie crust and fill with chicken.  Save the leftovers that don’t fit and serve with some fresh naan bread for a different mean. nommmm.

Step 5: Pie Assembly Pt.2

Now take 2nd pie crust and lay over the top of the filling.  Using a fork press down edges completely around the whole pie.  Then using a sharp knife cut four slits on top in almost like an incompleted “X” shape. To make your pie glisten mix up an egg white and brush the top of the pie and sprinkle some sesame seeds to finish.  Place in oven on 450F for about 20 minutes of until top is golden!

Step 6: Cooling

Remove perfectly golden pie from oven and let it cool for about 5-10 minutes.  Carefully cut and remove a piece of pie(The first is always the hardest!) 

Step 7: Serving and Suggestions

Place on plate with a dollop of sour cream, mango chutney, and a cilantro leave; Serve and be prepared to love meat pies!


  • Try green chili paste for a different flavoring style.
  • Add in hot chili flakes to make it extra spicy.
  • Make them as miniature pies for any dinner occasion!

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