Introduction: Red Glitter Ramen Longboard

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I have a buddy who makes ramen noodle videos on YouTube. He has helped me out a lot over the past 4 months of me getting BRC boards YouTube channel up and running and thought it would be a great idea to promote both are channels and do a cross over type project putting ramen in to skateboard building.

And with this being a color challenge I stepped up to the challenge.

Step 1: Design

How do I make a Ramen Board????? I grabbed my favorite ramen ate it and thought of how I could incorporate this into a board i looked at the package and asked the bag of ramen what I should do it spoke and said put my head on both ends of the board. So began the design process I used auto-cad imported some raster images and got the length of the board I wanted and started incorporating the features until I was satisfied

Step 2: Print Out the Design and Find the Wood!

I have access to a plotter and it makes it simple to print out. Once I print the design I cut it out and place it on some wood pieces cut the the length and thickness I desired. I then Arrange the wood in the way I wanted and glued it up using clamps.

Step 3: Cut Out the Wood

Using a jig saw I cut the shape of the board out.

Step 4: Trace the Design

I traced the design of the ramen head out on each end and also the Manufactured name and the you-tubers name Kalinds life with some play on the words instead of ramen soup I put ramen family.

Step 5: Router Time!!

Using a router and a 1/8th router bit I carved out the names and face.

Step 6: Glitter

I want to win the Red Challenge so no paint was used or injured making this project. I coated the top of the wood with epoxy resin and sprinkled-poured red glitter over the entire board. Using a cotton swab removing the red glitter from the name

Step 7: Add the Black

I then used black glitter to fill in the names

Step 8: Final Epoxy

I then coated the entire board with crystal clear epoxy

Step 9: Add Wheels and Trucks

Simple step line up the trucks where you want them and drill out the holes mount them and go skating

Step 10: Build a Mount

I wanted to give the board a beautiful home when it's not in use so I cut out some hooks from a broken skateboard screwed them in to a piece of Red stained wood placed my logo and also Kalinds life name as well

Step 11: Admire the Work of Art

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial for more details on steps visit my YouTube channel or look at past board builds

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