Introduction: Red Solo Cup Knit Machine

Make your very own red solo cup knitting machine!

Step 1: Materials List

Red solo cup
5-7 Plastic spoons
Packing tape

Step 2: Cut Out the Bottom of the Red Solo Cup With a Knife or Scissors

Step 3: Lay Your Plastic Spoons Over Your Packing Tape.

Make sure all your spoons are same height once they are layed out. You can use 5-7 spoons for this and add more layers of spoons if you like.
At first I used 5 spoons then added another layer of spoons where there were spaces.

Step 4: Wrap Your Spoons Around the Top of Your Cup

You can start in the center or start on one side. Make sure that the spoons are even as you wrap them a round the top of the cup. The larger diameter will be the top.

Step 5: Make a Tied Loop With Your Yarn, Then Wrap Around a Spoon

Step 6: Start Looping Your Yarn Around the Spoons

Make sure you loop your yarn inside the cup in the counter clockwise direction. Loop around all spoons until you reach the starting point.

Step 7: Once You Have Gone Around the Cup One Time and Reached the Starting Point, Grab the Bottom Loop With Two Fingers, Pull It Out and Over the Top Loop and Plastic Spoon

Repeat this by going around the inside of your cup in the counter clockwise direction again and again until you have made a tube.

Step 8: Keep Stitching Until You Have the Desired Amount of Tube You Want.

Step 9: Experiment and Have Fun! Think About Other Materials You Can Use for This Project to Get Different Sizes and Amounts of Stitches.

I think I'm going to try to use a red solo cup with chopsticks next time.
Happy stitching!