Introduction: Redesign Your Room

Have you ever wanted a new room well here's a easer way to get a new room all you need is a imagination and some money and your on your way

Step 1: Tools

You'll need A ruler Grid paper. Tape measure. (optional) but should be used your imagination

Step 2: Ideas

If you redesign your room you need to have an idea (brainstorm) if you can't come up with an idea look up rooms of your style on google. Make sure you come up with a idea you like

Step 3: Measurements

To know what yo could fit in your room you need to know your rooms dimensions once your done use your grid paper and make your room you also need to know your grid paper 1 ft size in my case two blocks counts as one

Step 4: Get to Work

Get to work know everything you were planning is finished your floor plan and hopefully if you bought new furniture it's here not like mine remember there's always room for improvement like you could take out the rug put hardwood floor paint never stop improving also remember to vote for me on improve your room please

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