Introduction: Redstone Secrets That You Probably Didn't Know Yet

Redstone has a lot of uses in minecraft. Here are some secrets that you might find useful. (as described in the steps you will need to place a Redstone comparator behind the block that will give off the signal, and behind the comparator you will need to place a Redstone repeater as seen in picture 2)

Step 1: The Chest

A trapped chest obviously gives off a Redstone signal when it is opened. But did you know that when u have a normal chest with something in it and you put a comparator and a repeater behind it than it also give off a Redstone signal!

Step 2: Swing Along

A music box can actually also give off a signal. Just pop in your favourite music disc and of course put the comparator and repeater in place and you will have some nice music and maybe a nice way to open your secret door to all your goodies:)

Step 3: Brewing Secret

You might already know this one. It's the same principle as the rest. Setup the comparator and repeater stuff and pour some water into your cauldron. If you take out all the water it will not give out any signal anymore.

Step 4: Heat It Up!

An oven can actually also activate Redstone. All that you have to do is of course put the comparator and the repeater in place and cook or smelt something in your lovely oven.

Step 5: Shoot, Hop and Drop

Same thing. Put comparator and repeater down. Put something in dispenser, dropper or hopper and watch the red glow. When the dropper or dispenser has shot out or dropped all its inventory it will stop giving a signal. If hopper gets rid of all of its inventory it also stops giving a signal.

Step 6: Portal?

The last one is this ender portal part thingy. It activates Redstone if it has an ender eye in it. I don't know why you would use this but it's pretty cool so I put it in.

Step 7: Put It to Use!

So this can be used in many different ways. For example in secrets doors. Here are some pictures of examples. I hope that you enjoyed this indestructible.

Step 8:

One quick last trick. Build a Redstone formation like in picture 1. Place a Redstone torch anywhere near the Redstone and destroy it after the Redstone starts glowing. You will see that it will just keep going:) I know that you want to quickly rush off and make some awesome stuff, but please comment and vote quickly before. Thank you!

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