Introduction: Reflex Speed Game With Circuit Scribe

Here's how to use Circuit Scribe to create your very own game based on reflexes. Two players hover at the ready. Then, on the count of three, touch their respective pads. The fastest, has their LED light up.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tools and Materials

- 9 Volt battery

- 3 x NPN Transistors

- Circuit Scribe Pen

- 2 x Bi-LED

- 1 x ATtiny (which you will need to program with an Arduino or the link, not covered in this Instructable)

- 1 x DIY Board

- 1 x Piece of paper

Step 2: Draw Out the Circuit Paths

Take your paper and draw out the circuit paths (circuit layout included).

Make sure that each of the paths is done nice and thick.

Step 3: Add the Components and Program the ATtiny

Add the 3 NPN Transistors side by side, and the 2 LEDs opposite of them. Then add the power connector just under the Transistors. You can test the paths by using the individual connectors that come with the kit and combining them to temporarily complete the circuit. It'll let you test the paths.

Once you have done this, you need to program your ATtiny (code attached). This can be done with an arduino using an online tutorial for guidance.

After you have programmed it, place it onto the DIY Board (we have also added a connector for it to easily rest in).

Step 4: Game Time

Now that you have everything connected, and you have tested the paths, it's game time! Player 1 hovers over P1 and Player 2 hovers over P2. On the count of 3 (or your choosing), drop your fingers. The fastest player will see their LED light up.

To play again, just press the Reset pads (closest to the Transistors).