Introduction: Reflow Oven With ControLeo3

Keeping yourself and others safe when designing and making electronic projects !

DISCLAIMER!! - This project deals with high voltages and high temperatures. You can easily electrocute yourself and/or burn your house down if you are not careful. Do not attempt this project if you are not competent in the various tasks required and able to do them safely. You will need to make various design decisions during a project of this nature and you need to be able to evaluate the various potential safety issues involved. (c) By packetbob

Step 1: Oven "donor" Search in Europe.

In the WEB I found many options for toaster oven reflow controllers. I decided on the Whizoo Controleo3 Reflow Controller. Whizoo has very detailed Build Guide. According recommendations from this Guide, I choose FirstAustria 10L oven from Ebay. You can buy it new for the 25-30 Euro with shipping. Please use following keywords in Ebay,de : "Minibackofen Toastofen Ofen Backofen 10L"

Original description :

- 10 Liter Minibackofen- Starke Power mit 800 Watt Leistung- 2 Quarz Heizelemente, extra schnelles aufheizen und abkühlen (es heizen immer beide)- Krümelfach unten am Boden des Geräts für eine leichte Reinigung- 60 Minuten Timer mit Eieruhr- Doppelt verglaste Ofentür für mehr Sicherheit und Energieeffizienz- Rote Betriebskontrollleuchte- Inklusive Gitterrost und Backblech (nur zum Auflegen auf den Gitterrost)- Abmessung Backraum: B: 25cm T: 20cm H: 16,5cm- Abmessung Gitterrost: 25cm x 18cm- Abmessung Backblech: B: 224cm T: 19cm H: 2cm- Außenmaße Backofen: B: 37cm x H: 21cm x T: 27cm- Kabellänge: 0,75 Meter- Leistung: 800 Watt- 230V / 50Hz, Steckdosenbetrieb

The FirstAustria 10L oven is very similar to the Black & Decker ovens used in Whizoo Build Guide and has minimum plastic parts. The biggest disadvantage of it uses two 400W 120V quartz infrared elements wired in series. We need independent control for the bottom and top elements and need to connect them separately. Don't even try to use those 120V elements for 230V network. Remember P = V2/R, and wiring them this way will consume 4 times the power and burn out or melt the heating elements. But there is very easy solution to replace heating element coil. It is very easy and cheap,

Step 2: BOM

I think it will be convenient for the people from Europe to have this BOM.

I will not give you direct links for the parts, but you can use it as key words for Uncle Ali. All prices are with shipping from China to Germany.

1) Heating Element Coil ( 2 pieces )

Uxcell AC 220V Heating Element Coil : Length 240mm 600W 2 pieces. Price : € 0,77 x 2 = € 1,54

2) Servo ( 1 piece )

MG995 Servo Metal Gear High Torque Servo Price : € 3,30 x 1 = € 3,30

3) Normally Closed Temperature Switch 125C ( 1 piece )

5pcs x KSD302 16A 40-260 degree Ceramic 250V KSD301 Normally Open/Closed Temperature Switch Thermostat Resistor Resistance: Normally Closed 125C Lot price for 5 pieces € 1,69

4) Power Supply 5V 2A 10W ( 1 piece )

AC DC 5V Power Supply 2A 220V Transformer For LED Strip Light LED Driver. Price : € 2,47

5) U Y type insulation insert plug ( red and black )

Cold press terminal SV3.5-4 fork type U Y type insulation insert plug spring connector 0.7 thick Lot price 40 pieces € 1,75

6) Solid state relay SSR 40DA 3-32V DC TO 24-380V AC ( 3 pieces)

solid state relay SSR-40DA 40A 3-32V DC TO 24-380V AC Price : $ 3.60 x3 = $ 10.80

7) Fiberglass Car Heat Shield Wrap Tape

1 Roll 5cm*5m Fiberglass Car Heat Shield Wrap Tape Adhesive Reflective Gold High Temperature Heat Shield Resistant Price : $ 4.96

8) Cartridge Heating Resistance Element

Cartridge Heating Resistance Element 8X140mm/0.314X5.51" Single-End Electric Heat Pipe 220V + 316SUS 450W 8x140mm Price : Lot 2 pieces $ 10.67


9) M5 hex nut

M5 Sechskantmutter mit Flansch Sperrverzahnung Edelstahl A4 DIN 6923 Flanschmut, Preis: 10x--2,50 €

10) One eye bolt M5

5 Oesenschrauben M5 Edelstahl A2 Ringschrauben Gewindeoesen Price : 5 Stk M5x50mm--1,50 €

11) High Temp Silicone

Hochtemperatur Silikon Dichtmasse +350°C BLACK SCHWARZ BLISTER 21g Price: EUR 1,45

12) 100% fiberglass (heat resistant up to 1200 degrees)

Löschdecke Brandschutzdecke 1x1 m nach DIN EN 1869 Feuerlöschdecke Price: EUR 7,30

13) SILCAWOOL 120P bio-soluble mats is a high temperature fibre with an increased bio-solubility and is therefore an alternative to the Established aluminium silicate wool (ceramic fibre).

Dämmmatte Silca Silcawool 610 x 1000 x 13 mm, weiß Price : 12,85 €

Hersteller:SilcaMaße (Höhe x Breite x Tiefe):13 x 610 x 1000 mmFarbe:weißMaterial:Calcium-Magnesium-SilikatAnwendung:DämmenProduktgruppe:WärmedämmplatteBetriebstemperatur:bis 1200 °CDichte:128 kg/m³PGA:Installationsmateria

Step 3: Building a Reflow Oven

I think, no necessary to duplicate perfect Building Guide from Whizoo. I have only 2 principal differences in :1) I replaced original coils 2) Added Normally Closed Temperature Switch 125C, Attached it to the oven metal case near plate with Solid state relays.