Introduction: Refreshing Delicious Wraps

I started eating wraps after doing seasonal work in a restaurant a few years ago, where I found that a wrap could be way better than what I had tried at McDonald's, light, fresh and very tasty. As an aperitif or as a main meal, these wraps will always be a hit and will please all tastes !

I am going to present here some of the most popular combinations from our side :)


As you may have understood, the recipe depends a lot on what you like but you might take this ingredients as a base :

  • Wraps
  • Sauce : Philadelphia (you could use any other light cream cheese, but it is also good with green pesto and pesto rosso or also with some tzatziki from what we liked). Let me know if you have other "sauces" you put in the wrap, curious to try out new sauces !
  • Vegetables : Tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, salads, avocados (a must have!). That's from our recipe, you could also add some fresh onions.
  • Cheese : mozzarella, schredded cheese. That's the minimum required but feel free to try with some goat log, compté cheese, blue cheese... Just be careful to not take a too tasty cheese, otherwise you will just taste it and nothing else.
  • Meat/Fish : Here, it's up to you and to your taste ! In this recipe, I will take salmon, pepperoni and dry ham. I am also use to eat it with regular ham or cooked chicken with curry, it's really good with cold cooked meat.
  • Seasonings : Again up to you but our basics are curry, oregano, provences herbs, basil...

If you are going for an aperitif, I advise you to make various tastes and combinations, mainly about the meat/fish. Otherwise, it's up to you to assemble your own masterpieces and experiment with new combinations !

Step 1: Cut Vegetable, Cheeses and Meat/fish in Small Pieces

First thing first, you just need to cut every vegetable, cheeses and meat/fish in small pieces in order to not make it easy when you will assemble everything in the wrap. This helps having everything compact when eating. If you can grate the carrots, it's also better, avoiding some big carrot piece to fall down while eating.

I advise to put every element in a bowl, it will help when doing the combinations. You could also invite people to make their own wraps and creations, leading to some greats talks and arguing about who made the best wrap ! :D

Step 2: Start Assemble Your Masterpiece

After having everything set to be spread up on the wrap, you may start by spreading from the center the sauce on the wrap. In our case, it's important to not put too much Philadelphia otherwise the wrap will be too creamy, taking too much place in the wrap's taste. Also, try to not have too liquid sauce to not get after some minutes a soft wrap, quite disgusting in term of texture to eat.

Then add the vegetables sparingly, then the cheese, the meat/fish, finalizing with the seasonings. Just keep in mind you need to close your wrap in the end, so avoid filling it up too much !

Step 3: Folding the Wrap

Feel free to fold your wrap as you wish. In our case, we use two folding techniques :

  • Main dish wrap : start by folding one of the long side, then fold the two lateral sides. Maintain it with a toothpick. This way, you can hold your wrap eating without anything falling down.
  • Aperitif wrap : start by folding the two sides to maintain the food inside the wrap. Then fold the two other parts. Turn the wrap and cut it in slices with toothpicks.

Step 4: Serve and Enjoy !

Now you may serve and eat your masterpiece !

Please, let me know what other ingredient you add in your wrap, curious to try new wrap combinations !

Little note : we often have leftovers that did not fit in all our wraps. We make the day after a big and fresh composed salad out of it, as well as the wraps.

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