Introduction: Refreshing Lemon Roulade

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If you are looking to impress someone, you can't go wrong with this roulade! I mean, just saying you made a roulade is sure to impress, although it just means that it is "rolled up." In the Refreshing Lemon Roulade a fluffy light meringue joins with Cream and Lemon Curd to make an amazingly tasty dessert that you can make in an afternoon.

This is a fairly simple recipe to follow and it is sure to make your family and friends ask for seconds!


4 Large Egg Whites
150 g White Sugar
300 ml Whipping Cream
1 TBSP Corn Starch
2 TBSP Icing Sugar
325 g Jar of Lemon Curd

Step 1: Your Tools

Stand Mixer
Large Mixing Bowl
2 cup wet measuring cup
Parchment paper
13 X 8 1/2 inch jelly roll pan or baking sheet

Step 2: Whisking of the Egg Whites

1. Preheat the oven to 300*F
2. Separate the eggs, placing the egg whites into the large mixing bowl.
3. Using the stand mixer, whisk the egg whites until stiff.
4. Add 1 TBSP sugar and whisk again until soft peaks.
5. Add the remaining sugar and whisk until stiff and shiny.
6. Quickly whisk in the remaining sugar and corn starch.

Step 3: Prepping the Pan and Baking

1. Place parchment paper over the baking sheet,
2. Spread the meringue over the baking sheet.
3. Bake in the center of the oven for 45 minutes or until it’s just firm to the touch.
4. Cool, uncovered for about an 1 hour.

Step 4: First Layer of the Roulade

1. On separate piece of parchment paper, dust with icing sugar.
2. Once the meringue is cooled, turn onto dusted parchment paper.
3. Remove paper from meringue.
4. Spread the lemon curd over top of the meringue.

Step 5: The Last But Delicious Cream Layer

1. In the large mixing bowl, add the whipping cream and icing sugar.
2. Whisk until cream forms soft peaks.
3. Spread over top of the Lemon Curd.
4. Starting at one of the short ends, roll up the meringue using the paper to help you.
5. Transfer to a serving plate and keep chilled until ready to serve.

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