Introduction: Reggae Wig/Hat

Welcome to this Instructable! I will be showing you how to combine a wig and a hat into one new creation! This project, the Reggae Wig/Hat, features a crocheted hat and thick yarn. Get your supplies and tools, and let's get started!


Yarn (Two sizes: thin, colorful yarn and thick, black or brown yarn)

Crochet needle

Hot glue

Felt (Matches color used for black or brown yarn)

Step 1: Hat

The hat is a simple crocheted hat. I used a three-colored yarn to make the end result of the hat more colorful, which is what I recommend. Make sure that when you make the starting loop, leave about one or one-half inch of clearance from your head to be able to fit the yarn. Complete the hat; then, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Felt Supporter

Once the hat is finished, cut a circle of felt a bit bigger than the original hat. Glue it into the hat. This is to make it so that there is a sturdy place to glue the yarn for the wig. Let the glue dry and make sure that it doesn't sag from the top. If it does, apply glue at the top of the hat and let that dry. Then, move on to the next step.

Step 3: Yarn Wig

Once you have securely glued in your felt supporter, you will need to decide what length you want your wig to be. Cut twice your desired length, then fold the piece of yarn in half. Glue at the fold to the edge of the felt supporter. Do this at least twelve times, then allow to dry.

Step 4: Closing

This project was very enjoyable. Not only is it fun to make an invention you can wear, it looked great in the end result. Always make sure that the hat has enough room for the yarn to fit in, or you might have to restart the whole project.

Enjoy your very own, TobinS4-invented Reggae Wig/Hat!

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