Introduction: Regrow Your Kitchen

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Some kitchen scraps can be regrown to generate more food. This is where I got my inspiration; I'm sure there's much more out there:

Step 1: Reuse

Assemble some used containers, e.g. a plastic milk jug, glass jar, yoghurt pot, or flower pots.
Also gather regrowable kitchen scraps such as carrot tops, a stem of romaine lettuce or spring onions.

Step 2: Regrow

Adjust your containers as necessary, e.g. by cutting the top off the milk jug. Fill them partway with water and place your vegetables inside. Set them by a sunny window and watch them grow! Refresh the water every few days if it starts to smell. This is a very low-startup, low-maintenance project - great for when you're feeling inspired but lazy.

I just "planted" these so am yet to find out how the romaine lettuce does. The spring onions (each added a few days apart) seem to be flourishing. You could take this to the next level in so many ways, e.g. by beautifying your pots, getting potting soil to optimize growth, growing vegetable plants from seeds, etc.

After an undetermined while, harvest your produce and relish the reward!

Step 3:

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