Introduction: Rejuvenating a Boiler Into Air Purifier !

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In an ever increasing population there is a drastic increase in pollution too....!! And people all over the world are facing a lot of breathing issues and we need to do something to save ourselves from this apocalypse !! So , let's build a green air purifier and save ourselves !!So,

Let's convert the old rusty boiler or an bakery rusty oven into a clean air purifier ......!!!


  • Old Bakery oven or a water boiler/heater
  • An old PC cabinet
  • Grass mat (you can find them in your nearest nursery(it's better to buy original one) or buy it online) - amazon
  • Spider Plant / Airplane plant - amazon
  • OLD SMPS FAN or CPU cooler - amazon
  • Spray paints - amazon
  • LED's (optional) - amazon

Step 1: Forging the Case for Air Purifer

Preparing the case

  • Start by removing the screws and nuts in the boiler.
  • Then remove any extra pane that is covering the boiler sides , the idea is to let the air flow from the sides of the boiler.

!!NOTE : be careful while working with old and rusty metals and always wear safety gears !!

Building a basement

  • Find a suitable metal sheet or simply recycle an old pc cabinet to put the cabinet in the base.
  • This base serves as a material proof for the grass mat and other structures !!
  • If you are stuck just check the images and you will get an IDEA !!

Step 2: Blending Green With Metal !!

Adding Grass to the base

  • Add a natural grass mat to the base as this enhances the beauty of the oven/boiler !!
  • Don't forget to water the mat once in a while !!

Paint the metal

To make your gizmo look goo paint it with your favorite color and make it look beautiful !!

Adding the Fan !!

  • If , you have used a cabinet , you would be having an SMPS fan and a CPU cooler fan or buy one from your nearest hobby store !

  • Now punch the holes on a metal sheet [the metal sheet here acts a divider inside the oven/boiler] , so as to fit your fan inside it !! [I have used the PC cabinet covers as a metal sheet , even you can do the same !]

  • Place the metal sheet inside the oven/boiler. So this acts a divider and creates two separate compartment !!

Step 3: Automating Air Purifier ! (Optional)

!! This step is optional !!


  • Get your arduino uno and a soil moisture sensor!
  • Rig the circuit according to the diagram given above !
  • Upload the code and Bingo you also have an automated irrigation system !!

UV's and Lights add up the Might

  • Attach an UV led or combine a Red and Blue LED to provide artificial lighting to the plants that we will put !!
  • Add a DC adapter pin to your lights and fans !! (as shown in the image)
  • Use a 12v adapter to power the whole system !!

The Circuit diagram and code is provided !!

Step 4: How Does It Work ???

Principle Behind Air purifier !!

This method of air purification is totally depended on the plants that you USE !!

We have used air purifying plants that helps to clean the air in your atmosphere or your living place !! This plants helps to remove the toxic gases present in the air and purifies it through several chemicals and also generally all the plant absorb carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and produces Oxygen as a waste product which is very helpful for our living !!

Then why build a case ??

Well , the case is used to boost the productivity of the plant meaning :

The 1st fan in your case helps to suck in the air inside the chamber before you breathe in thus reducing the risks of inhaling toxic and harmful gases and increasing the probability of purification done by the plant !!

The 2nd Exhaust fan pushes out the purified air into the 2nd chamber for further purification and storage purposes and also helps to reduce the particulates in the air !! Thus providing you a clean air to breathe.

The INHALE and EXHALE process of the chamber can be seen in this video !! YouTube

Also the purity of the air can be monitored using the MQ - 135 air-quality sensor or other such devices !!

Follow up the next step for choosing the right plants and they are the most common ones too....!!!

Step 5: Choosing the Right Plant !!!

What to put inside the Chambers ??

Having a right plant inside your gizmo is vital. So we have made it easier for you !! Just follow along

  1. Snake Plant : this is one of the most common and vital plant in air purifying. It can also produce oxygen during the night so this is obviously a good go !!!
  2. Spider plant : this one plant has the capability of purifying air up to 200 sq feet !! And is also a lot cheaper and smaller to fit indoor and also easy to maintain !!

These plants also require less water and low light conditions so which is perfect for a indoor air purification systems !!

Now it is left to you to choose what to place there are also other plants which may be available at your backyard so go and figure it out !!!

Please read the above image to know more !!

Our inspirations and a huge thanks :

NASA Air purifier :

Article :

And a local scrap yard and nursery !!!

Most of our works were also done by human hand power and we also refused to use exotic tools (even driller to drill the holes ) to show that even small materials lying around your backyard can be used as a tool !!

If you are interested in plants or just have a passion for it , then do take this small survey !!

Google Forms

And a huge thanks to all the readers who have come so far ......... !!

"Breathe clean and live green"
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