Remake a Dresser Into a Snazzy Entertainment Center



Introduction: Remake a Dresser Into a Snazzy Entertainment Center

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We picked up an abandoned dresser at a storage place, somebody decided that they didn't need it, and I wanted to salvage some of the nicer bits of "wood" from it. When we moved, we ended up putting our TV on it and filling the drawers with movies and stuff.

My wife hated it.

However, for reasonably cheap, I was able to make a few modifications, and now it has a place in our living room! Go budget saver!

Step 1: What Shall We Be Using, Today?

Here's a few things you will need, and a few things you might find useful. 

**Please do not make use of any of these tools if you are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with their use. I cannot be held responsible because you thought you knew more than you really did.**

- Drill motor with Driving bit to match your screws and Drill bit for pre-drilling holes.
- Screws - I used 1 1/8" standard drywall screws which worked perfectly for me. Nails will work, too, just make sure you have a hammer.
- Paint stripper - I needed to scuff up the varnish and apply a new coat of paint.
- Tape measure
- Screws.
- Level - just to be sure.
- Speed square - because they can be helpful for keeping things square.
- Mallet - In case things aren't cut quite right.

You may also find need of a table saw, circular saw, and/or miter saw. I managed to get all of my cuts done by the gentleman at the home improvement warehouse I went to and therefore didn't need to use these for this project.

- ClosetMaid 24" Horizontal Organizer
- Large plank of wood or your choice of composite (plywood, partical board, etc.)
- 1"x3"x6" piece of lumber

Step 2: Out With the Old

Begin by taking off all the bits you don't need.

Since our plan called for shelves instead of drawers, out went the drawers and hardware. Since we planned to paint, we scuffed up the veneer so that the primer would stick.

I didn't plan to make this Instructable before this was all done, so no pics.

Step 3: Give It Some Color

Now would be the perfect time to paint, if you so desire, before you start putting everything together.

As you can see, we hired this step out, but most people are capable of doing this themselves.

Step 4: Put It All Together

If you haven't, yet, measure out your accessories. We wanted our shelves to go in right underneath that rear reinforcement.

Installing the shelves for this will be super simple. We're using the 1"x3" as the shelf brackets. Figure out where you want them and screw them right into the dresser, on on each side of each shelf. 

Once you get the supports installed, slide the shelves in on top of them. Our shelves weren't cut so well, so I needed to encourage them a little (read, beat them in with the mallet). 

Because our were ...snug... we didn't bother to secure the shelves, but screwing them into the brackets is a good idea if slippage might be a problem.

Step 5: Add Some Extras

One of our issues before was a lack of places to put our electronics, especially to keep them away from our professional painter.

Add in 24" horizontal organizers. These are handy, two of them have enough space for all of our electronics. The TV fits on top, and they don't look too bad either.

What's the problem? Check out the first picture, see the lip? You can't put a TV on top of that without it wobbling unflatteringly.
How do we fix this? We can put a couple small pieces of wood on top to level it out a bit.
Cool, but then it doesn't look as nice. How about a facade on the front? 

Step 6: That's All, Folks!

All that's left, now, is to fill it up with your stuff. If you notice, I didn't attach the extras to the dresser due to the fact that we're moving in less than a month. Once we get it settled down, everything will be secured so that it can't be shaken apart by professional painters.

Hope you've enjoyed the journey, please feel free to ask any questions along the way.

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