Introduction: Remind Machine


hi I'm Michelle today I will make a box that something can remind you

Step 1: What You Need:

Step 2: Made a Box

First, you have to give our Arduino a home.

don't let him be exposed

First, take a big piece of cardboard

Six pieces of 27x20 long rectangular cardboard

And two 20 cm isosceles triangles with a base waist of 27 cm

Then take the hot melt glue to combine it and decorate it

they will both warm and comfortable.

Step 3: Circuit Board Part

Be sure to add a speaker

It is our essence

Step 4: Code


Choose a favorite song and set the audio according to the table given by the teacher

if you want to use that code you need to come and that will tell you how to download my version, Arduino.

Step 5:

I chose the song that works best for me 12/18

This is also a work for the marginalized.

This is my plan B if In case no one wishes you a happy birthday all-day