Introduction: Remote Control Camera by Raspberry Pi

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This instructable will guide how to:

1. Put camera to Local web (for remote vision through Computer or Phone)

2. Control camera vision (using gear motor)

Part list for project:

1. Motor with gear

2. Raspberry Pi B

3. H-bridge

4. USB camera (Logitech)

Step 1: Put Stream Camera Into Local Web (using "motion")

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install motion

$ sudo apt-get install libv4l-0

$ sudo apt-get install uvccapture

$ gedit /etc/default/motion

change "start_motion_daemon yes" (from "no")

$ gedit /etc/motion/motion.conf

change daemon on (from "off")

stream_localhost off (from "on")

framerate 100 (from "2")

stream_maxrate 10 (from "1")

$ service motion start

$ motion start

In case to stop camera:

$ motion stop

$ service motion stop

Open web browser, input address: -> camera image should be on web browser (note: is Raspberry IP address)

Step 2: Make Local Server

$ sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 libapache2-mod-php5

If everything is OK, local web will display in Web Browser after input address

This "index.html" is saved in /var/www/html/

Step 3: Put "camera" and "IO Control" to Local Server

On step 1, camera image is on stream (

On step 2, a local web server is made.

So an php page is made in Local server to load camera stream, meanwhile this php page also have 2 button (turn left/right) to control camera

For easy, whole project is save at this link (google share)

Take above files, extract it, then save all files and folder into /var/www/html/

Step 4: Install Hardware

GPIO of Raspberry (GPIO_0, GPIO_7, GND) is used to control Motor driver (H-Bridge L298N)

Make camera base, install them all together as picture.

Step 5: Test It!

Open web browser, input address

Now we can test it, and see result