Introduction: Remote Control Car With NRF24L01 PA LNA Communication Module

In this topic, we would like to share about how to make a remote control car with the NRF24L01 PA LNA module. Actually there are several other radio modules, such as the 433MHz, HC12, HC05, and LoRa radio modules. But in our opinion the NRF24L01 module is quite good because the price is affordable and can make long distance communication with fast data transmission. When viewed from the datasheet, this module can communicate up to 1 km in open space and without obstacles. Besides modules, antennas can also affect the radius of range to communicate.


(Translation to Bahasa Indonesia)

Pada topik ini, kami ingin berbagi tentang cara membuat remote control dengan modul NRF24L01 PA LNA. Sebenarnya ada beberapa modul radio yang lain, seperti modul radio 433MHz, HC12, HC05, maupun LoRa. Tetapi menurut kami modul NRF24L01 cukup baik karena harga yang terjangkau dan dapat melakukan komunikasi jarak jauh dengan transmisi data yang cepat. Jika dilihat dari datasheet, modul ini dapat berkomunikasi sampai jangkauan 1KM dalam ruang terbuka dan tanpa halangan. Selain modul, antenna juga dapat mempengaruhi radius jangkauan untuk berkomunikasi.

Step 1: Required Components

For Transmitter :

1. Project Box X3 (1)

2. Arduino Nano [you can also use other tipes of arduino, but we recommend to use Arduino Nano / Pro Mini] (1)

3. NRF24L01 PA+LNA (1)

4. KY-023 Joystick Module (1)

5. C 100uF (1)

6. Push Button (3)

7. SPST Switch (1)

8. Step Up to 5V Module (1)

9. Jumper Cable (As necessary)

10. PCB (Optional)

11. Battery 18650 (1)


For Receiver :

1. Project Box X5 (1)

2. Arduino Nano [you can also use other tipes of arduino] (1)

3. NRF24L01 PA+LNA (1)

4. C 100uF (1)

5. SPST Switch (1)

6. L298n Driver Motor Module (1)

7. Motor Gearbox and Wheel (4)

8. Relay (1)

9. LED Strip 12VDC [Optional]

10. Battery 18650 [You can also use another battery which has 12VDC] (3)

11. Battery Holder for 18650 (1)

12. LM2596 Step Down Module (1)

13. Jumper Cable (As necessary)

14. PCB (As necessary)


Equipment Needed :

1. Soldering Iron

2. Tin Solder

3. Glue Gun with Glues

4. Drill with Bits

5. Heatshrink Cable

Step 2: Wiring Diagram

Here is the schematic of electrical for remote control and car. I forgot to insert the switch in the schematic. You can use the switch at positive pole of battery to on/off the car. The transmitter for remote control and receiver for car.

Step 3: Add Library of NRF24L01 to Arduino IDE

You must have this library, download at this link :

Add the Sketch → Include Library → Add .Zip Library... → Browse the library that has been downloaded → Open

Or you can also download the library at below this step. Library that i uploaded is in .rar format. So, you must extract to arduino libraries folder.

Step 4: Upload Code

If you have added library, you can upload the code for remote control and car. I have uploaded the code at the below in this step.

Step 5: Documentation