Introduction: Remote Your Eye As Giraffe

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Image that, your eyes can be high as Giraffe, you can see things on high place then.

How to do that? View next step

Step 1: Install IP Camera Application

If you're using Android, it is very easy to download a free IP Camera application (just type IP camera in Google store).

An IP Camera will allow you access the camera phone through LAN Network (e.g. viewing camera through Laptop). Ofcourse, the phone and the Laptop are using Wifi.

Download any 1 app into your phone -> install it.

Step 2: Wrap Your Phone Into Stick

Using long stick (i re-use the broken fish-pole) and long rubber band to wrap the phone

Step 3: Place the Phone to Any Where!

Put there phone to place you want (as long as the stick length)

Step 4: View the Result

Come to laptop, open the IP address which the IP Camera apps (on the Phone) on Laptop. Here it is, image of camera phone will be on Laptop

By this way, you can view the things on high place or narrow space where you can't easily come to.